If you can’t work during the sale, but still want to come to the pre-sale or earn extra $ for your check, here are some great ways to to do that!

Refer A Friend

Tell all your friends and family about From Yours To Mine, LLC. You will receive $5.00 FYTM Cash for every new consignor you refer to us who successfully sells at least $50.00 worth of items. Refer 3 friends, and that’s an extra $15.00 in your pocket!

Car Magnets

All you have to do is attach a car magnet on your car doors, and then drive around where you are going with your kids anyway. You must live in Lakeville, Burnsville, Farmington, or Apple Valley for this opportunity. Your name will be entered into a drawing for one $20 FYTM Gift Certificate.

The Postcard Drive I

Back by highly popular demand. We provide you with postcards, and you hand them out to family, friends, neighbors, the mom at the grocery store, your daycare, your moms club, the pediatricians office, your ECFE class, the library, and anywhere else you find fellow moms.

The cards have a special offer for the shoppers on the back, encouraging them to return them during the sale, and a referred by field for your name or consignor number. Each card will be entered into a drawing for your chance to win one of three $10 FYTM Gift Certificates. So each returned card increases your chances to win.

Please note that it is illegal to put the postcards inside or on a U.S. Postal Mailbox!

The Postcard Drive II

We provide you with pre-sorted postcards and a list of places to drop them off. You drive to 5-10 different locations around your town, like daycare centers, pediatrician offices, coffee shops, etc. and drop them off.

The Most Successful Consignor Bonus

The three consignors with the highest percentage of items sold will each receive a $10 FYTM gift certificate. The percentage is calculated by comparing all items in your active inventory to the number of items sold. Another good reason to keep your active inventory as accurate as possible.