Join The Team And Help Us Sell Your Items – Shop Early & Earn More!

Our workers are the heart and soul of every sale. Without you, there would simply not be a sale. As a benefit, team members will get the opportunity to shop before the general public, and before the consignors can shop the sale. You will have first pick of all the great bargains.

  • 12-hour workers shop on Friday¬†starting at 9:00am
  • 8-hour workers shop on Friday starting at 10:00am
  • 4-hour workers shop on Friday starting at 11:00am

All crew members and consignors are also invited to shop the 1/2 price pre-sale on Saturday from 5p-7p.

In addition to the pre-sale you will receive an extra 5% of your sales* for working one 4-hour shift, and an extra 15% of your sales* if you work two or more 4-hour shifts.  *Sales are defined as the amount of your own personal items that actually sold.


Please note that you must be a participating consignor in order to work. Workers are asked to help out in 4 hour shifts. Among other things, duties include setting up the rooms, accepting merchandise at drop off, organizing and assisting customers during the sale, handling the check out registers, sorting tags, etc. Seated positions are available. Husbands, dads and partners are also welcome to help out. As a matter of fact, they are a great help during set-up and tear-down. Please note that for their own safety children are not allowed during your shift.

Work Shift Registration


We count on you! From Yours To Mine, LLC is committed to providing the best possible experience to its consignors and shoppers. Please make sure you are available before you make a commitment.

If you are unable to fulfill your shift, you are responsible for finding a replacement. If you can not provide a replacement, you will be blocked from helping out for the next sale.

Can’t help during the sale but would really, really like a pre-sale pass?

The Postcard Drive II – We provide you with pre-sorted postcards and a list of places to drop them off at. You drive to 8-12 different locations around your town, like daycare centers, pediatrician offices, coffee shops, etc. and drop them off.

This counts as one shift, however, please note that in order to get the consignor benefits (higher percentage, earlier shopping time) only one of your work shifts can be a postcard drive. A second and/or third shift must be at the sale location.