Are you in charge of fundraising? Are you looking to add some cash to the treasury of your non-profit organization? Here are three easy ways for you to add to your budget.

You must be a non-profit 501c(3) registered organization in order to qualify for the Fundraiser Program. If you are interested in participating as a fundraiser, please contact us  for special instructions.

Option 1

You get your group together and collect donations from friends, families, neighbors, etc. Your group prepares, tags, and drops the items off. Your group will receive 70% of your total sales. The sign up fee will be waived.

Earn an extra 10% if you provide two volunteers for a total of 8 volunteer hours – limit of 600 items and/or $2000 value. If you provide 6 volunteers for a total of 24 hours the item and value limit will be lifted.

Option 2

You ask friends, family, neighbors, etc. to sell their items at the “From Yours To Mine”, LLC consignment sale. Each individual donor will become a consignor and receive their own consignor number. Each individual consignor will prepare, tag, and drop off their items. The individual consignor will receive 50% of their total sales minus the sign-up fee, the fundraising group will receive 20%.

Option 3

This is the easiest way to add to your budget – our postcard drive. Distribute our postcard to the members of your organization. They bring the postcard and shop on Saturday between 1:00pm – 5:00pm, and “From Yours To Mine”, LLC will donate 10% of their purchases made during that time to your non-profit organization. You can also distribute the postcards to your local daycare, pre-school, ECFE class, moms group, pediatrician, coffee shops, or anywhere else you frequent with your children. You do not have to be a consignor for this opportunity.