Become one of our Upscale Moms and use our tagging service to sell your name brand, upscale, or boutique clothes and toys. Earn 45%-60% of your sales by simply cleaning out your kids closet and bringing your items to us!

If you dress your kids in only quality name brand items, but feel like all that tagging and hanging is just too much work, try our Upscale Moms Tagging Service. You can participate in our amazing sale, make premium $$$ on your kids outgrown toys and clothes, and do (almost) nothing for it. Just clean your items and drop them off at our Tagging Service Provider’s house.

Here is how it works:

* First read through these steps, then send an email to to inquire about tagging service. The closer we get to the sale date, the busier our taggers are, and they may not be able to accept any more clients.

* With the confirmation of your tagging service placement comes the link to register as a consignor for our upcoming sale. You will sign our electronic consignor agreement, and all rules, limitations, and privileges apply. You can not drop off your items until this step is completed.

* Collect and clean all items that you want to sell. You must bring a minimum of 50 items and/or $200 worth, a mix of clothing and toys/equipment is preferred. Check the “Accepted Items” tab on our website for what you can bring, and what we do not accept. In addition please check through the Tagging Service Accepted Clothing Brands List for accepted clothing item brands, and only bring those to sell. Your Tagging Service Provider may limit the number of items accepted.

* Drop your items off at the Tagging Service Providers house at least three weeks before the start of the sale. The Tagging Service Fee increases from $10 to $15 if drop off is less than six weeks prior, and to $25 if drop off is less than three weeks prior to our inventory enter deadline.

* Your Tagging Service Provider (TSP) will provide up to 100 hangers and all safety pins for your items. If more than 100 hangers are needed, a fee of $.20 per hanger will apply. All electronic items must be in working order and include working batteries. If batteries need to be replaced by the TSP, $.50 – $1.50 per battery will be charged, depending on the size of the battery. A detailed expense report will be provided.

* Your TSP will hang, tag, and price all items at their discretion. Items will be priced to sell, and all items will be marked to go 50% off. Changes to this rule will be up to the discretion of your TSP. A review of the pricing will be provided before the items are tagged, and you can respond with pricing suggestions, however, pricing is up to your TSP and he/she may keep the price at what he/she deems appropriate.

* Your TSP will transport all your items to the sale location. You have to pick up all unsold items at the sale location during our designated pick up time after the sale if you want them returned to you, or you can choose to have your items donated to our charity.

* Participating consignors will receive 45% of their total sales, minus a $10 service fee to the TSP ($15 service fee if drop off is less than six weeks prior, $25 if drop off is less than three weeks prior).  If you sign up for one 4-hour work shift during the sale you will receive 50%, and if you sign up for two 4-hour work shifts 60% of your total sales. A $12 pre-paid registration fee for From Yours To Mine, LLC is due at registration. ****Other fees may apply. You will receive a detailed fee structure with your service contract.

* You will receive your split of your items sold within two weeks after the closing of the sale event via PayPal.

Our Tagging Service Providers have been with our sale for many years. You can trust them to price your items low enough so the majority will sell, but high enough to maximize your profits. Clients that bring a mix of clothes and toys, and that let the service decide on pricing, sell an average of 80% of their items.

Tagging Service – Pay Per Item

We now also have an option where the TSP will receive a fee per item. This will keep you in control of your pricing, but still has someone else do the work for you. Please send us an email for details. We only recommend this option if you have very high end items or equipment.

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